Computer, Network & Mobile Forensics in New York

John Shields can perform a “sweep” of a network, computer, or a mobile phone where we can detect unauthorized intrusions and identify malware. We are equipped with a multitude of tools that will allow us to conduct such sweeps stealthily and effectively. This can be a very comprehensive sweep of the client’s network and individual components for surreptitious monitoring software and hardware, or, a simple sweep of a mobile phone. The sweep is conducted utilizing state-of-the-art detection equipment, forensic software and hardware, and methodologies that are built upon a solid foundation of cybercrime investigative experience.

With the use of certain spy software, a mobile device may transform from an indispensable tool to a weapon, actively working against the owner. A compromised cell phone can be tracked, used to eavesdrop on phone calls as well as physical surroundings, and enable a perpetrator to view all text messages, chats, emails, pictures, videos, and social media activities, among other data. Similarly, a commercial-grade malware installed on a desktop or a laptop computer will allow the attacker to monitor all of the user’s activities ranging from emails and chats to personal documents. In addition, spyware are often able to activate the computer’s camera and microphone to record surroundings of the computer surreptitiously. Our tools make it possible to uncover these supposedly “hidden” programs, while our investigators make it more than likely that nothing will be missed in our comprehensive analysis.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Everything from phone lines, cell phones, and computer networks, to residential houses and hotel rooms, can be infected with “bugs” which can easily be used for eavesdropping and other forms of electronic surveillance. There are many reasons why individuals, corporations, and governments would utilize these tools to spy on each other: they could range from stealing intellectual property, to gaining advantage in matrimonial litigation, to stalking. Common bugs include cellphone bugs, wiretaps, digital recorders, spy gadgets, GPS trackers, etc.

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