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Intimate relationships are a cornerstone of one’s social life, and having a loving spouse can transform anyone’s life. Unfortunately, even under the best circumstances, problems can arise that sometimes lead down the sad but realistic road of infidelity. It can happen to men and women, and a wide variety of situations can cause such distress. If you are suspicious of a cheating partner, you have a right to get to the bottom of it. At John Shields Detective Agency, our New York City marital affair investigation specialists have over seven decades of experience handling these cases and can get you the answers you deserve! When it comes to suspicions of infidelity, a discreet approach is vital to ensuring that you get unbiased evidence.

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New York City is a hotbed of culture and commerce. With so many different kinds of people, infidelity is ever more likely because spouses have exposure to so many people at all times. Whether it be people they work with, or mingle with in their spare time, if you or someone you know suspects their spouse is cheating, contact John Shields Detective Agency. Our expert investigators combine sound investigation techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your case is handled quickly and efficiently. We want to help you make informed decisions based on facts and not impulse or hearsay. Due to the highly personal nature of infidelity investigations, you can trust our team to keep all evidence confidential and for your eyes only. Here at John Shields Detective Agency, we recognize how sensitive these topics are because there is nothing more personal than matters of the heart, and we hope to gain your trust to help with any sort of investigation you need.

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For over 70 years, our clients have come to rely on our expert services regarding infidelity and cheating spouses. We are proud to be a confidant in these tenuous situations, and we always aim to offer the most comprehensive service possible because we want our clients to have all of the information possible. Often times, these investigations lead to truths being exposed that help people see the true nature of situations, and while it is painful, getting the real story can help people move on with their lives. Investigations regarding a cheating husband or wife or live in partner can be extremely stressful and difficult to cope with, which is why our compassionate team of investigators will always make sure that you get unbiased evidence following your investigation so that you can make informed choices. To get the answers you deserve, call our office at (212) 682-6094 for a free consultation today! We can give you a complete overview of our techniques and methodology when conducting an infidelity investigation so you can be sure of the process. Remember, these situations are often difficult – having a trusted partner like John Shields Detective Agency can help put your mind and heart at ease because we always seek the truth for our clients.

Infidelity Investigation in New York City

For infidelity investigations you can rely on, contact John Shields Detective Agency today at (212) 682-6094.

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